Kelly Clare Takes BBC for Interracial TGirl Sex dot Com

Kelly Clare has been in Chicago for the past couple weeks filming for her soon to be launched Official Website at . Kelly has worked her cock off doing a dozen scenes and dozens of picture sets including 5-6 very intimate solo performances and several Filthy Hardcore (Including a few BB scenes) ass banging movies with every male performer that’s entered my studio.

So one evening at the end of an intense work week, we’re chilling in the “shop” smoking & drinking. I ask Kelly how she’s feeling. The conversation as I remember it may be different than Kelly’s version so let’s just call the following conversation just a tad bit embellished.

Kelly; I feel great but really horny.
Jas; Really horny after face & ass fucking a bunch of guys over the past week?
Kelly: Yes, the more I fuck, the hornier I get
Jas: How come you never bottom?
Kelly: Who said I never bottom? I am just very selective in who can inspire me to take the bottom position.
Jas: What type of guy does that for you?
Kelly: I’m not gonna waste my time getting fucked by an average size cock. I mean, I have 9″ and shoot gallons. If you can match or exceed that, I may be motivated to submit.
Jas: So you’re saying, you like big cock
Kelly: Love big cock
Jas: You prefer white, black or?
Kelly: I don’t care what color the cock is as long as the guy attached to it is hot and knows how to fuck, all night long.
Jas: Should I get on that and hire an 11″ cock?
Kelly: Duh, of course

The porn gods take over, somehow Wendy Williams senses Kelly’s need to be stuffed with big black cock, makes a call and next thing I know, Kelly Clare is being cast for Wendy’s mega site Interracial TGirl Sex.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Please bookmark Kellys URL because this is one of the most dynamic adult xxx TS websites I’ve ever seen.

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